SSAPU was established in 2011, it was founded in Juba by concerned farmers. It was legally registered as a business entity with the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Commerce. Its founding members are from all the ten States of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS). SSAPU was founded to fight poverty in the country and to embark on commercial farming.

Over 100 members have registered and more others in the other States are seeking for registration. SSAPU is embarking on organization and mobilization of it’s members in all the ten States. SSAPU enables the Union members to speak with one voice in the matters that concern them; crop production, marketing, capacity building and accessibility to operational capital from the development partners and the government.

These farmers are already engaged in crops production, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish ponds, poultry and trees. Since SSAPU was established the majority of farmers are from three States of Equatorial e.g. Eastern Equatorial, Central Equatorial and Western Equatorial, these are Green Belt Zones of South Sudan.





South Sudan depends largely on imported food from Asia and East Africa especially Uganda.

There is a high demand of food stuffs that provides a ready market in South Sudan, Central African Republic, World Food Program and other markets.

  • Land: South Sudan has vast uncultivated lands which need to used

  • Rising Food Prices

  • Population Growth

  • Favorable weather

  • Soil Fertility

  • Technology

  • Demand for Organic Food

  • Drip irrigation

Executive Committee

Long Term Goals

  • Ox plough systems available to farmers

  • Training and advisory services to the members.

  • Supply of Improved seeds and other farm inputs

  • Husbandry Services

  • Demonstration farms

  • Study Centre

  • Commodity Development and Bulking centre.

  • Market Information Centre

  • Agro processing and value addition

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