SSAPU is a farmers organization, aimed at giving farmers direction and economical support. It was founded in 2010 and registered in 2011 by 100 concerned farmers from different sectors.

SSAPU has branches, field offices and field facilitators in different counties of South Sudan. Our well-staffed head office is based in Juba. The field facilitators have degrees in agriculture. They meet the needs of the farmers by providing services, i.e. organising collective marketing actions, input purchasing or training farmers and following this up.

Another part of their work is to connect farmers to specific service providers based on their needs. The fact that SSAPU knows most of the farmers and all of the actors engaged in development work in their county is an asset.


SSAPU envision a food secured, prosperous & self reliant  South Sudanese Communities


To be a voice, lobby, dialogue, and advocate for SSAPU farmers and build their capacities.

Current Members: 16,570, from:

  • Farmers Cooperatives
  • Farmers Associations
  • Farmers group
  • Companies
  • Farmers Youth Groups
  • Companies


  • To eradicate poverty and hunger through commercial farming

  • To empower farmers to produce crops, vegetables and livestock and fish

  • To establish training Centre of extension workers for vegetable, fruit, root crop, livestock, fish and agroforestry production farmers.

  • To provide water management information and irrigation systems

  • To seek funding from donors and government for SSAPU projects

  • To institute and implement farming related the projects

  • To provide information on market trade in agricultural produce

  • To engage in research and promotion of floriculture, crop science, aquaculture and animal husbandry and Agricultural trade fairs.

  • To ensure environmental sustainability and climate change information.

  • To develop a global partnership for development.

  • To conduct trainings, workshops and seminars gearing to SSAPU vision.

Why SSAPU can make the difference?

• Grassroots-based leadership
• Fast growing membership
• Open to all farmers, groups, cooperatives and associations
• Services to members, tailored to their needs
• Active lobbying and advocacy for farmers’ needs
• The widest possible network of farmers
• Local, regional and international network
• Farmers pay for membership and specifc services


Core Values

  • Transparency in work and operations

  • Servant hood to members and society

  • Equity and jussssstice

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Good governance

  • Hard work

  • Honesty

  • Accountability

Our Journey


How We Are Structured

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